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Book CoverFalling Perfectly Without Trying

Available in October, 2018!

The heart of the story is in the 1980’s. In Hawaii, a love story enfolds between a young naïve woman and an Air Borne Ranger. As soon as they “tie-the-not,” life slowly changes for the worse and becomes a living hell. While moving to California to seek a better environment for the family, domestic violence comes into the picture. At the last straw, Jenny and her two children finally flee to safety and start their rocky road for a better life.

They finally have a chance to go back to Hawaii and get a second chance in life. While trying to overcome post-traumatic stress and mental illness, Jenny becomes a single mother raising her two children, a full-time student and part-time worker, always looking towards the future of being self-sufficient and not rely on the government’s help.
With much determination to overcome all the challenges and obstacles that comes their way, Jenny succeeds and reaches her goals and dreams.

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“An interesting account of one woman’s journey through abuse, mental illness and healing.  Falling Perfectly Without Trying is a story of hope and encouragement for others who need support and healing from abuse, addiction and illness.”

—Diamante Lavendar, Award-winning author of Breaking the Silence